Macau Social Service Sector and UGAMM Raised Nearly MOP1 Million for construction projects in Congjiang County 

União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau has raised RMB500,000 to build two health stations in Congjiang County

The social service sector has raised RMB700,000 for construction of the Changzhai Kindergarten

(Macau Daily) In response to the Poverty Alleviation Plan by the Macau Government to help Congjiang County of Guizhou Province, the social service sector and União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau (UGAMM) have been launching various fund raising activities for months. The former has raised RMB700,000 for construction of the Changzhai Kindergarten and The latter has raised RMB500,000 to build two health stations in Xindi Village and Gaochuan Village in Wangdong Town, Congjiang County. Two donations amounting to RMB1,200,000 were delivered to Macau Red Cross (MRC) to fund the construction projects for Poverty Alleviation in Congjiang County.

After deducting the amount delivered to MRC, there are still funds in hand, which will be used as a reserve for school equipments when construction finished. The convener of the event organizing committee, António José de Freitas, said, This year is a double celebration year, in addition to holding a series of celebrations, the social service sector has continuously improved the living conditions of the local citizens, and will not forget to support the national poverty alleviation work in China. We will try as much as we can do in order to improve lives of compatriots in our motherland, moreover, to enhance the love for the motherland and Macau.

More than 20 representatives from the social service sector went to the MRC headquarters for giving away the fund, António José de Freitas said that the Poverty Alleviation in Congjiang County by Macao Social Service Sectorhad been launched from January to April this year. As of April 16, the charity fund raised was over RMB1,000,000, from cash deposit in bank, charity sales of 20 booths, and fund donated by UGAMM. The result was satisfactory. The representatives had organized a delegation to Congjiang County for selecting the building site of Changzhai kindergarten last December. At present, the foundation of the kindergarten and also the whole construction project are being carried out in order. Once the kindergarten is completed, the representatives will have an onsite visit there to witness the opening ceremony.

Ng Sio Lai, President of Directive council of UGAMM, said that when UGAMM and the social service sector went to inspect Congjiang County of Guizhou Province last December, they decided to assist constructing two health stations. They launched a fundraising immediately, and the strong support among neighbors had made the construction plan go smoothly. In addition to the purchase of school equipment, educational supplies, student stationery, medical supplies, etc., and remaining funds will be used to support the living expenses of poor students.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2019-04-26