Macau Red Cross Concerns about Indonesia Earthquakes 

(Jornal Va Kio) Two magnitude earthquakes recently struck Lombok Island, Indonesia, affecting a wide range of area and caused serious casualties and economic losses. Macau Red Cross (MRC) is highly concerned about this devastation, and will maintain close contacts with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Red Cross Society of China, and will respond to the needs, depending on the constant changes.

These two magnitude earthquakes measured over Richter scale 6 rocked Lombok separately on 29th of July and 5th of this month, with a death toll of more than 120, hundreds of injuries, and over 60,000 victims lost their homes. Exceeding 130 aftershocks were recorded, and in northern island above 80% of structures and houses were destroyed, resulting over 20,000 displacement. Many major roads accessing to the epicenter become impassable, and people trapped there are in desperate need of clean drinking water, food and other daily necessities. According to the Indonesian government, an estimate of MOP560 million is incurred in the economic losses.

MRC is closely monitoring the impact and keeps connected with Indonesian Red Cross, and will coordinate with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Red Cross Society of China in response to the disaster and ready to lend them a helping hand.

The Indonesian Red Cross has triggered the response mechanism. Members of the emergency response team and medical team already arrived at the epicenter to provide victims with safe drinking water, much needed supplies, psychological support services and did the rapid evaluation. In addition, the volunteers assisted to evacuate victims, and distributed to the displaced with family relief packs, sanitary bags, tarpaulins and blankets, also, hot meals are served at the temporary shelters.

Posted on: Jornal Va Kio 2018-08-09