Macau Red Cross First Aid Contest Promotes Knowledge 

(Macau Daily) Macau Red Cross (MRC) persists in promoting accurate first aid knowledge to the public, and held its annual first aid contest recently in its headquarters at China Civil Plaza, 3rd Floor, Macau.

The International Red Cross Movement originated from battlefield rescue for more than 100 years ago. Red Cross Society has then progressively developed it into universal community first aid service, working in line with the aim of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to Strive to prevent and alleviate human suffering, and adheres to active promoting first aid knowledge.

MRC's annual first-aid contests have been ongoing for consecutive years to promote first-aid knowledge. The process is conducted in simulating scenario of an on-site injury, to test each team's reactions when facing multiple injured in an accident; ways of applying appropriate first aid knowledge to actual situation; on-site safety assessment; manpower deployment; effective communication and cooperation within team members, and overall performance of the team leader. All the above are the ingredients on judges' scoreboard. After an intensive and exciting round, the 'Urgent Team', composed of Lei Cheng Yin, Ng Hio I, Lam Kit Ieng, Law Wing Chong, Chau Hing Wang beat the other teams and won. On the same day, 13 first aid tutors received renewal certificates, 2 outstanding tutors were commended, and 10 volunteer first-aiders awarded promotion badge.

In order to popularize first-aid knowledge, MRC, apart from providing miscellaneous first-aid classes and lectures for adults, also organizes classes for children over 6 years old each summer. On the same day event, the Little Sun Project students were invited to perform first-aid exercises, as to instill precise first-aid knowledge in their childhood, and to teach them to cherish life and respect life.

The contest judges were: Macau Fire Services Bureau First Divisional Officer Sam Ka Hou, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade, Kowloon Command Headquarters Administrative Division Chief Superintendent Sunny Lai, Centro Hospitalar Conde de Sao Januario Emergency Medical Doctor Lao Weng I, Kiang Wu Hospital Emergency Specialist Doctor Mak Keng Weng, Senior First Aid Instructor Chang Kong Chio, and MRC First Aid Promotion Consultant Lin Wu Ting.

The guests of the day were: Macau Fire Services Bureau Vice Commander Chao Ka Cheong, MRC Central Council Vice President Philip ChouACouncil member Wong Ching HinBLei Kwong HongBTam Chi WaiBKwok Yau FongBLok HeiBIao Ting PiaoB Carmen Lei and Irwin Pun.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2018-08-06