Formation of the 9th Regiment of Red Cross Youth Group 

(Macau Daily) The formation and sworn-in ceremony of the 9th regiment of the Macau Red Cross Youth Group was held recently, and witnessed by members' parents and leaders of Macau Red Cross (MRC).

Since establishing the "Youth Development Plan" and the "Youth Development Fund", MRC continues its commitment to the development of children and adolescents, and the Macau Red Cross Youth Group is one of the focal projects. Through a series of constant training: learning the theory of the Red Cross Movement, first aid knowledge, community care and skills of different services, so as to establish self-discipline and correct life values of the Group members. In addition, MRC also provides opportunities for them to communicate with Red Cross youths in other regions learning their local cultures, broaden horizons and cogitation. It is hoped that the young people would utilize these precious knowledge effectively while learning and developing their path of life.

Youth Group representative, Chan So Ngai said in her speech that after receiving months of vigorous training, members gained tremendous progress in mutual understanding and trust with the teaching staff, and also built up precious friendship among themselves. Philip Chou, MRC Central Council Vice President and Commander of the Youth Group, encouraged those 29 new members to study diligently, participate various activities with passion, and endeavor to help promoting the spirit of the Red Cross Movement.

In the ceremony, three team leaders were promoted, 26 members commended for volunteering services for more than 50, 150, 250, 400 and 600 hours respectively. They were all lauded for their ardent participation in serving the community.

To further engraft concept of humanity to the next generation, MRC, in recent years, positively conducts various training courses and activities for children namely, the "KID KID Disaster Awareness, Conveying Care and Love", "Little Sun Project", "KID KID Travelling of Story World", etc. With miscellaneous training programs, it is hoped that kids can be cultivated with spirits of loving and helping each other.

President of Directive Council Quin Va, member of the Central Council and Protocol Secretary Veng Lin Lau, member of the Central Council and Treasurer Wilson Leong, together with many Central Council members: Ching Hin WongBJanet LimBHei LokBChi Long ChoiBFredrick WongBTing Piao Iao and Carmen Lei attended the event.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2018-08-04