Eddie Yue-Kai Wong Re-elected as Macau Red Cross President 

Macau Red Cross new leadership photo

(Macau Daily) Recently, Macau Red Cross held its annual general meeting at headquarters and conducted an election of the new leadership structure, and Eddie Y.K. Wong was re-elected as the President of the Central Council.

Chiang Sao Meng and Chou Kuok Hei were re-elected as Vice- Presidents; while Chui Sai Cheong was re-elected as President of the Fiscal Council, Pang Chi Kuan as Vice-President; Quin Va re-elected as President of Directive Council, and Chum Pak Tak and Joao Manuel Ambrosio as Vice-Presidents. In the new current year, Eusebio Lau has been added as a new member of the Fiscal Council.

In his opening remarks, Eddie Wong expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all members of MRC, volunteers and employees for their joint efforts and selfless dedications, which have been greatly recognized and affirmed by the community. The innovative national “Belt and Road" initiative, and the construction framework of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area development, not only provided excellent opportunities to Macau, but also created a convenient confluence for all Red Cross Societies. In the future, MRC will definitely seize such golden opportunities to exert its own prevailing advantage, and to strengthen connection and cooperation with the Red Cross Societies in the Bay Area. Furthermore, it is necessary to explore and establish new modes and mechanisms for participating in rescues in natural disasters and other emergencies.

Quin Va, Directive Council President, made reports on the past two years' operations and services; the Treasurer and Central Council member, Leong Vai Chun, presented the annual financial report and financial budget, and Chui Sai Cheong, the President of the Fiscal Council, expressed his opinions on those reports, of which were unanimously approved by all members.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2018-07-16