Macau Red Cross Aids Sichuan Disaster with 500 Family Packs 

(Macau Daily) Recently, multiple counties and cities in Sichuan province suffered from disastrous flooding and persistent torrential rain. Macau Red Cross (MRC) has been closely monitoring in the regions which are seriously impacted by the terrible bad weather. At the request of the Sichuan Red Cross Society, MRC immediately delivered 500 family packs (worth RMB150,000) yesterday to the desperate affected areas, and estimated to benefit some 2,000 victims in 500 households.

As reported, this natural disaster has already taken 4 lives, and victimized 385,000 people in 41 counties (cities, districts) of the 9 cities (prefectures), more than 1,000 people required urgent livelihood assistance, 25,000 people for exigent resettlement, 446 housing either collapsed or damaged, and 15,000 hectares of crops are in jeopardy. It is estimated that the direct economic losses may incur up to RMB506 million.

At this point, Red Cross Society of China launched its fourth- level emergency mechanism. According to the needs of the disaster area, the Chengdu Red Cross Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Relief Center allocated 5,000 jackets, 2,000 family packs, 100 tents, and the total cost of materials at a value of RMB945,400, which was to be used to support the local Red Cross Societies for conducting the disaster relief work.

MRC continues to care for further development of the disaster, maintains close communications with Red Cross Society of China and Sichuan Red Cross Society, and will act promptly according to the changing needs.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2018-07-13