Macau Red Cross allocates RMB 12 million to fund constructions in Congjiang County 

Current condition of Baiye Elementary School in Tingdong Town

Quin Va and group visiting Baiye Elementary School in Tingdong Town

(Macau Daily) On May 21 to 23 inclusive, a group of three led by Quin Va, Macau Red Cross President of Directive Council, visited Congjiang County in Miaozudongzu Autonomous Region, Southeast Of Qian of Guizhou Province. The group was accompanied by Yin Qiu Lian, Guizhou Red Cross Secretary of CPC and Executive Vice President, He Shu Ping, Guizhou Red Cross Vice President, and Li Da Qiong, Deputy County Executive of Congjian. They met with the persons in charge of the county, township, and school, regarding to the docking of the assistance construction projects.

In March this year, Macau Red Cross (MRC) took active participation in Macau SAR administration’s poverty alleviation program in Congjiang County of Guizhou Province, and assigned staff to visit 10 townships and 20 administrative villages. After a month long preparation focused on 'Fraternity Homeland' project for prevention and reduction of disasters, sustainable livelihood, improvement of education, medical facilities and infrastructures. MRC and the aid-recipients reached with a framework assistance agreement amounting to RMB12 million. Among those items, Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau agreed to support building the Jiuyue Elementary School, while Nature Wood Industry Group to fund the construction of a health station.

The program consists of two phases: The first one incurs RMB7 million for constructing the Miaogu Elementary School in Donglang Town, Baiye Elementary School in Tingdong Town、Jiuyue Elementary School and Changzhai Kindergarten in Bingmei Town, the Gaozeng Township and Wangdong Town Fraternity Home, together with five health stations in Wangdong、Xishan、Cuili and Guping rural communities. These items will be completed within two years after agreement is signed. The funding of the second phase totals about 5 million RMB, and the items are expected to finish by 2023.

The construction project participated by MRC has been included in the total basket of the Macau community's poverty alleviation program in Congjiang County, which is headed by the Macau SAR, and constructions will commence soon after signing the agreement. MRC has an accumulated experience of nearly 20 years in assisting constructions in mainland China, and a team of engineering project professionals will be responsible for the designs and implementation, adhering to the specifications of the national education and health program, and the Ministry of Construction's technical regulations and safety standards. In addition, MRC will appoint qualified companies to supervise and audit, in accordance with the national requirements to conduct serious supervision both on quality and safety, and working in line to the budget. Local groups and individuals who are interested to support such meaningful project in Congjiang county of Guizhou Province, please do feel free to contact Macau Red Cross office.

Posted on: Macau Daily 2018-05-25