Four Region Red Cross Societies Conducting Researches and Devises on Humanitarian Resources 

Macau Red Cross invites Cross-strait and Hong Kong Red Cross to Seminar and Conference

Attendees and Macau Red Cross representatives

Attendees and Macau Red Cross representatives

(Macau Daily)The "Red Cross Humanitarian Resources Mobilization Seminar" and "Guangdong-HongKong-Macau Bay-Area Red Cross Work Conference", organized by Macau Red Cross (MRC) were held in Macau on April, 17th to 18th, and 19th, respectively. The first event focused on the effective collection of humanitarian resources and provision of humanitarian services in accordance with the law, while the latter, discussions were made by the Bay-Area Red Cross Societies as how to take overall advantage of national development, and transform it to becoming a paramount collaboration platform for the Red Cross humanitarian services.

Five tasks analyzed in depth

More than 60 representatives from Red Cross Society of China, provincial, municipal, and autonomous regional Red Cross; Hong Kong Red Cross, Taiwan Red Cross Organization and Macau Red Cross attended the "Red Cross Humanitarian Resources Mobilization Seminar." In his opening remarks, Eddie Wong, President of MRC Central Council said that, through exchanges and consultations, regional Red Cross could strengthen their cooperation, mutual support and complementation on each other's shortcomings, so as to promote Red Cross movement more effectively in the future. Wang Rupeng, Vice President of the Red Cross Society of China, pointed out in his keynote speech that, strengthening mobilization of humanitarian resources is an important prerequisite for the Red Cross to fulfill its responsibilities to abide by law, effectively conducting humanitarian assistance, and providing humanitarian services is a realistic need to enhance the core competitiveness of the Red Cross organizations, and is an inevitable requirement for the development of Red Cross with Chinese characteristics in a new era. Profound analysis and discussions are necessary for the following five different areas: Data information, Rule of law management, Development of manpower mobilization, Humanitarian needs and Strive for government resources. Mr. Wang asked Red Cross colleagues to continue working hard to create a new situation of humane fraternity.

Cheong King Chun, a perennial persisted charity donor, and person-in-charge of the Fab. De Art de Vest. Lek Hac Ltda. , was invited by MRC to share his philanthropic donation experience. Regional Red Cross representatives also discussed and exchanged their fundraising process, and followed by a conducted tour at MRC's Non-emergency Medical Transfer Service Center. All of them highly commended such remarkable service.

Bay-Area Red Cross seeking cooperation

The "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay-Area Red Cross Work Conference" was held on 19th of the month, with more than 30 representatives from the Bay Area Red Cross attended. Chen Wenchang, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Province Red Cross pointed out in his speech that, the Bay Area Red Cross colleagues have a vital mission to accomplish. They need to seize the golden opportunity to integrate into the overall development of the country, to utilize the national development strategy for enhancing Red Cross services in the region, to strengthen communication and mutual assistance, and to promote and develop the Red Cross Movement.

The theme of this conference is to discuss consensus collaboration on disaster relief and preparedness, first aid training and volunteer services. It is just the beginning, and definitely there will be more deeper actions and cooperation in the Red Cross humanitarian mission in future.

Posted on: 2018-04-26