Chen Zhu Praising Macau Red Cross For Providing First Aid Training 

He thanks MRC's participation in mainland's post-disaster relief reconstructions

Chen Zhu(Right 2), President of Red Cross Society of China, meets with heads of Macau Red Cross

(Macau Daily) The 4th convention of the 10th Council of the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) was held in Beijing last month. More than 100 Red Cross leaders and outstanding volunteers from various provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions of the country attended the meeting. Eddie Y.K. Wong, President of Central Council, Chou Kuok Hei, Vice President, and Quin Va, President of Directive Council of Macau Red Cross (MRC), participated the meeting. After conclusion of the meeting, they met with the President Chen Zhu (RCSC).

Chen Zhu affirmed the work of the RCSC in 2017, and that significant progress and achievements were reached in the work of the Red Cross Societies at all levels nationwide, and numerous top issues were successfully accomplished. The newly revised Red Cross Law is promulgated and resolutely implemented the “Three Rescues” (Emergency rescue, Emergency care, and Humanitarian aid), and the "Three Contributions" (Blood donation, Donation of blood stem cells, and Donation of human organs) as core business; continuous endeavor of alleviating poverty efforts making remarkable breakthroughs in the “One Belt and One Road" initiative” project. In the future, RCSC will vigorously develop the distinguishing feature of Red Cross, committed to publicizing and implementing the Red Cross Law, and motivate Red Cross operation with Chinese characteristics towards the direction of the rule of law. On the other hand, it is necessary to uphold the reformation and innovations to increase the organizational vitality, and to provide institutional protection of Red Cross development.

The convention reviewed and approved documents of “The Report of the work of Red Cross Society of China in 2017” and the “The Report of Financial Revenue and Expenditure of the Red Cross Society of China in 2017”, also the commendation of 197 outstanding Red Cross volunteers across the nation, as well as 12 "One Belt and One Road" fellow exceptional voluntary service groups and individuals.

After the convention, Chen Zhu met with the representatives of the MRC and HKRC, affirming their full supports of the work of RCSC. He also praised the MRC'S effective iconic feature of first-aid training, which can strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant regional Red Cross Societies in future. He also commended MRC's active involvements in emergency rescues and post-disaster reconstructions both in Mainland and internationally. Last year, MRC appropriated over MOP780,000 worth of Family Relief Packs to the disaster-affected areas, such as the devastating floods in Mainland Provinces such as Guizhou, Hunan, the mudslides in Gansu, and floods in Sri Lanka last year. Also, MRC mobilized its relief funds to build three schools, a maternity and childcare center, a disaster preparedness center, four fraternity housing projects, two village-level bridges and five health centres in China.

Posted on: 2018-03-12