Translation of a Letter of Gratitude From the Principal of Escola Estrela Do Mar  

To the Respectable Management of Macau Red Cross,

Our student, Leong, suddenly fainted after completing a 4 x 100M relay amidst our School Athletic Meets. She was lucky enough to be revived, solely depended on the professionalism of Mr. Wong Ka Keong, a Red Cross first-aid monitor and teacher of our school. He led the school's first-aid team and provided Leong with critical timely first-aid implementation. We also want to commend that Red Cross ambulance was parked on-site, which was immediately used to rush the student hurriedly to Conde Sao Januario Central Hospital. They raced against time to recapture her from the edge of death, by collaborating with the entire medical team for a fullest professional rescue skill. After a series of cryotherapy, it was much relieved that Leong's cardiac reactivated and she regained consciousness, and all her physical conditions were proven to be normal. Our school appreciates so much for your sustaining assistance for our first-aid team. In particular, we are very grateful to receive supportive services with the presence of your ambulance on-site campus, and it was clearly an extraordinary factor for saving our student. Your organization’s spirit of helping those who need help is well deserved to be respected, and we look forward to further unfolding more exchanges and cooperation, in respect of first aid with your organization. We are hereby to express our sincere gratitude.

Signed by the Principal of the School

Mr. Wong Piu On February 5, 2018

On February 5, 2018

Posted on: 2018-02-23