Macau Red Cross Groups Visiting The Poverty in Guangdong and Guizhou 

Macau Red Cross Visits Mainland Left-behind Children in Rural China

(Macau Daily News) During last Christmas holiday, Macau Red Cross (MRC) organized two visiting groups to Mainland China. One group comprising of parents and their children visited the Hengkeng Primary School in Sanpai Town of Liannan Yaozu autonomous region, Guangdong Province, and the other one to MRC Fong Chao Wo Fraternity Primary School in Da Fengdong town of Kaili City, Guizhou.

These two groups, totaled 60 people, were comprised of MRC volunteers, Youth Group members, residents and students. Home visits of students' families were arranged for the participants to gain personal experience and interaction with the local young people. Apart from learning students' livelihood, they also acquired profound knowledge of current basic education in the impoverished areas, and simultaneously they were amazed to witness MRC’s school constructions and other reconstruction projects in Mainland.

The participants mingled with the MRC Fraternity School students, by dividing themselves into small groups and conducted various interesting activities. They organized group games and handicraft sessions, so as to provide innovative and lively ways of learning, and from home-visits, participants were able to understand in depth of the students' livelihood. Daily necessity items were then given to the families; books, athletic equipment and stationeries were donated to the schools, and all students received small gifts as a conveyance of care and concerns from their Macau compatriots.

Within their brief visit of a few days, participants unanimously agreed that they had benefited tremendously in such meaningful holiday, and acquired detailed information on MRC’s reconstruction projects. They hoped that MRC would adhere to such activities in the future, in order to provide more opportunities to Macau residents and young people, so as to integrate with Mainland’s development, broaden their horizons and publicize humanitarian spirit of the Red Cross Movement.

Posted on: 2018-01-17