dot Macau Red Cross held debating tournament to promote International Humanitarian Law 2018-11-19
dot The Macau Red Cross helped in process of sheltering and rescue 2018-09-19
dot Macau Red Cross Contributes RMB200,000 to Alleviate Shandong Disaster 2018-08-30
dot Macau Red Cross Concerns about Indonesia Earthquakes 2018-08-09
dot Macau Red Cross First Aid Contest Promotes Knowledge 2018-08-06
dot Formation of the 9th Regiment of Red Cross Youth Group 2018-08-04
dot Red Cross Summer Exchange Camp Assists Youth Grow 2018-07-28
dot Eddie Yue-Kai Wong Re-elected as Macau Red Cross President 2018-07-16
dot Macau Red Cross Aids Sichuan Disaster with 500 Family Packs 2018-07-13
dot Macau Red Cross allocates RMB 12 million to fund constructions in Congjiang County 2018-05-25
dot Macau Red Cross Promotes Disaster Awareness and Conveying Care and Love 2018-05-14
dot Four Region Red Cross Societies Conducting Researches and Devises on Humanitarian Resources 2018-04-26
dot Chen Zhu Praising Macau Red Cross For Providing First Aid Training 2018-03-12
dot Red Cross: Appropriate Usage of Donated Funds Being Audited 2018-03-01
dot Translation of a Letter of Gratitude From the Principal of Escola Estrela Do Mar 2018-02-23
dot Translation of a Letter of Gratitude From Taiwan 2018-02-23
dot The Macau Red Cross hopes for popularizing the aim “to save others as well as ourselves” 2018-02-14
dot The Cardiac-arrest Girl Saved in Conde São Januário Central Hospital 2018-02-05
dot Macau Red Cross Provided over 22,000 Medical Transfer Services to Disabled and Immobilized Patients in 2017 2018-01-30
dot Macau Red Cross Groups Visiting The Poverty in Guangdong and Guizhou 2018-01-17