2010/1/24 Mr. Eddie, Wong Yue-Kai President of the Central Council, Mr. Lau Veng-Lin, Central Council member, Dr. Philip, Chou Kuok-Hei, President and Mr. Quin Va, Vice President of the Directive Council of Macau Red Cross, joined by Mr. Paul, Lei Cheok-Kuan, Vice Director of the União Gerald as Associações dos Moradores de Macau to officiate the moving-in ceremony of the Macau Red Cross Fraternity Village at Tashui township, Anxian of Sichuan province.

The party inspected the local Fraternity elementary school and health center, and then went to Yingxiu township in Wenchuan county to inspect the construction site of a Macau Red Cross Fraternity Village. (42 圖像)