2009/8/22-23 Mr. Kwok Yau-Fong, Member of Central Council; Dr. Philip, Chou Kuok-Hei, President of Directive Council and Mr. Owen Wong, Head of Disaster Relief Affairs of Macau Red Cross visited areas which have been affected by the 8.8 Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan. (57 圖像)


Respresentatives of Macau Red Cross arriving Kaohsiung City

The beautiful Siao Lin Village (Before disaster)

The total loss Siao Lin Village (After disaster)

The affected Jiasian Township of Kaohsiung County

Shelter for disaster victims at the Longfong Temple in Kaohsiung County

Pingtung County Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Warehouse

Cishan Township Disaster Preparedness Center

A disaster victim settlement point located in an abandoned military camp at Pingtung County